Prehistoric tribal protective necklace with Vinca Runic signs on a stoneware tile.24



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  • Materials: stoneware tile, hemp, linen, bone, horn, handmade
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Stoneware tile has engraved symbols & signs of “Vinča script”, originaly found on the pottery and figurines of Neolithic culture Vinča in Serbia (lasted during 6th & 5th millenium BC). Vinča culture existed on the territory of Serbia and the Central Balkans, and the signs were systematized by Paleolinguist Radivoje Pešić.

BENEFITS – Signs from Neolithic Vinča Culture (7700-years-old) have strong magical, healing and enpowering properties, help focusing and concentrating. Vinča script Signs are used for personal protection, against negative energies, coming from people and spaces. These undeciphered characters transmit powerful messages that empowers, concentrate and calmly focus on the goal, as amulets and talismans do. Vinča script is a subject to huge discussions in science, but a lot of scolars assume that those signs represent the origin of the Nordic rune script, that came milleniums later, but is visually similar to Vinča’s. They carry the strenght and magical forces of the soil/land where they originated from.

Features: Ceramics tile with engraved signs from Vinča ceramics, without a certain meaning (it’s not a word), selected due to visual and magical characteristics & influence.

WAY OF USE – Recommended to wear as a jewelry – a necklace. Other way is to hang it in the study, close to the working space.

Size of the tile: height 6cm/2.4in, width 3.5cm/1.4in, thickness 0.25cm/0.098in. Kind of ceramics: stoneware. Hemp/linen cord and bone & horn decorations.

Packaging: Stoneware tile with hemp/linen cord and bone & horn decorations, wrapped in recycled paper, placed in the box made of carded cardboard, filled with straw. Contains also a short text about Vinča culture & Vinča script, table of Vinča alphabet, and a concise comparative analysis of Rune and Vinča Script. The package travels safely packed in a bubble-proof envelope.


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