To be magically protected, empowered & shamanically strong and conscious, is the number one need of a modern, urban man. Those things are easy to find, apply and enforce – you just have to give yourself up to ancient forces and knowledge … Be brave, be shamanically wise, dare & just try it for yourself. We will be with you all the way.

2.6 grupna

“Diving deep into ourselves and our essence connects us genuinely with our ancient ancestors and prehistoric cultures. “

We recognized the need of each man to understand himself and the world around him, and one of the quickest and most beautiful ways is to reexamine ourselves through the genetic knowledge and memories that we all carry implementationally in our deepest core. How to reach them? By means of symbols, signs, objects, which have transmitted certain messages for millennia. Our mission is that these ancient traces and messages reach a great number of today’s people, and to ease and beautify their everyday life on this planet. Just follow the signs along the road, and Prehistoric Mojo will take care of everything else! We are eager for you to become a member of our tribe – & we have enough love for each and everyone of you!

Prehistoric Mojo