Prehistoric sling for modern times

Prehistoric Sling is our next item​


Prehistoric Sling! Essential for survival of our prehistoric ancestors. It is so hard to think today how this item was important, having multiple forms of use. Even today this item could be of help.

How? The demonstrator will be mr Marko Banovic, world known hand walker, Guinness recorder. 

Your personal sling

Protection items from our new collection

Modern times are full of challenges but also of unexpected and often unwanted surprises. To solve this kind of situations, it is necessary not always the presence of calm, but also the “protection shield” should be up. To make it, from the ancient times were used the objects like necklaces, whose main purpose is to keep any bad situation distant from us. But, we also can “activate” our shield wearing that item on us.

Tribal Neolithic

Tribal Neolithic necklace with Vinča Runic symbols, stoneware tile #12.

Protective Tribal Necklace

Prehistoric protective tribal necklace with Vinča Runic symbols #25.

Coming Soon > Personal Power


Professional Power is the fourth group of items for professional power area.

Coming Soon > Business & Social Influence


If you are dealing with people, in communication, these items are ideal for you.

Two new collections 2019 Coming Soon


Modern times requires to be adequately prepared for different people and situations. To manage that, we need to react in time and adequately to both. That's why Prehistoric Mojo is bringing to you this new collection for 2019, to help you react, but also act at Your Best POWER!

Business & Social Influence

After protecting yourself, and acting at your best, in different personal growth phases, now we come to Influencing others. This new collection for 2019 will definitely answer to your professional needs and solve many problems you face in your business. Bringing you the incredible value for business and social activities.
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