Mesolithic amulet made of polished bovine femur/tight bone



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  • Materials: bone amulet, leather cord, handmade
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    Amulet originaly used in Mesolithic culture Lepenski Vir in Serbia (lasted from 9 to 6 millenium BC).

    Benefits: This amulet has strong healing properties, balances the energies in the organism (there is no possibility of overdosing). It is used for personal protection, against negative energies, coming from people and spaces.

    Amulet made of bone is a characteristic prehistoric cult object, used as a main tool by shamans, spiritual & holy people. Although the original amulet from Lepenski Vir was from stone, the specific shape is responsible for its positive influences and vibrations – especialy concerning protection, balance, calming, cleansing and well-being.

    Way of use: Recommended to wear as a jewelry – a necklase, not to use metal chain, but natural materials only, such as a leather cord. Preferably not to expose to direct Sun.

    Size: length 5.9cm/2.3in, width 2.8cm/1.1in, thickness 0.5cm/0.2in. Kind of material: bovine femur/thigh bone, polished to high gloss.

    Packaging: Bone amulet with leather cord, wrapped in recycled paper, placed in the box made of carded cardboard, filled with straw. Contains also a short text about Lepenski Vir culture and cult objects. The package travels safely packed in a bubble-proof envelope.

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